About Our Dental Office – Topsham, ME

Putting Our Patients’ Smiles First

Topsham dentist and dental assistant treating a patient

When you visit Androscoggin Dental Care, you’ll soon find that we aren’t like other dental practices. We won’t try to push you to undergo any unnecessary treatments; our recommendations will always be carefully tailored according to your needs. Rest assured that our top goal is always to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy grin. The information below can give you a better picture of what our Topsham dental office is truly like. Remember that you can always give our office a call if you want to learn more about the various services that we offer for protecting and improving your smile.

You Aren’t Just Another Patient

Senior dental patient smiling at dentist and assistant

Have you ever been to a practice where the dentist would only spend a few minutes with you so that they could move on to the next patient? That’s not our approach. We will always take our time with you and personalize your experience so that you can feel truly satisfied with your care. Our team is happy to see patients of all ages, which means that everyone in your family can benefit from visiting our office for treatment plans that take their specific needs into account.

A Staff That Cares

Close up of one person holding another persons hand in both of theirs

One of the things that helps our dental practice in Topsham stand out is our wonderful staff members. You can count on them to help make your experience at our office a positive one; they will always take the time to make sure that you’re comfortable, and they will be glad to listen to your questions and provide you with informative answers. Our team can’t wait to start getting to know you and your family better.

Same-Day Care for Dental Emergencies

Woman wincing and touching her cheek

Dental emergencies tend to happen when you least expect them to. Naturally, you will want to have the issue examined and treated by a professional as promptly as possible. Our team can schedule a same-day appointment for you in situations where urgent dental care is required. We will give you advice for keeping the pain under control while you’re at home. After we have had a chance to examine your mouth, we will work quickly to figure out the best way to stop your discomfort and treat the underlying issue.

We Welcome Dental Insurance

Dental insurance paperwork on desk

It’s always helpful to find a dental office that will accept your dental insurance. Our practice is in-network with many PPO dental plans; being in-network makes it easier for us to help our patients save as much money as possible on their dental care. Our team can review your insurance policy with you if you have any questions, and they can give you some tips for getting the most out of your benefits.