Dentures – Topsham, ME

Learn to Love Your Smile Again!

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If you’ve lost even a single one of your teeth, it can dramatically change the way that you feel about yourself. It can compromise your ability to eat the foods you enjoy or to project confidence when meeting people for the first time. The problem gets even worse if you’re missing most, or even all, of your teeth.

Thankfully, if you’re near Topsham, ME, Dr. Lina and the team here at Androscoggin Dental Care can help you! A set of dentures can replace all of your teeth at once, meaning that you can learn to love your smile again. Make an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to bring you in for a consultation.

Why Choose Androscoggin Dental Care for Dentures? 

  • Deeply Compassionate, Attentive Dentist
  • Treatments Personalized to Your Individual Needs
  • Prosthetics Constructed From High-Quality Dental Materials

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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If you’ve felt the effects of missing your teeth, you could be a perfect candidate for dentures. Whether you’ve lamented the foods you’re unable to eat, have found that it’s difficult to speak easily, or if you’re embarrassed to smile proudly, dentures can help you address all of these issues.

That said, dentures are ideal for patients who are missing most of all of your teeth; if you’ve lost only one or two, there may be another treatment that you’d prefer. It’s also important for patients to have fairly strong gums in order to support their prosthetic.

Types of Dentures

Various kinds of dentures

There are several different kinds of dentures, and which you should use depends on your individual needs. We’ll let you know more when we meet you in person, but here’s what you should know before then.

Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures consist of several acrylic teeth attached to a metal base. They’re designed for patients who are missing many but not all of their teeth, and have small clips that allow them to attach to the natural teeth.

Full Dentures

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Ful dentures, on the other hand, are intended for patients who are missing all of the teeth on their gum ridge. They’re made entirely of acrylic, and are meticulously crafted to be able to adhere to the gums entirely via suction.

Implant Dentures

3D render of implant dentures

If you want greater stability, implant dentures can be incredibly useful. They consist of an acrylic prosthetic attached to a series of metal posts that are surgically placed into the jaw. This affords them much greater strength and durability than traditional dentures.

The Benefits of Dentures

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One of the main things that makes dentures so effective is how thoroughly customized they are to the patient’s needs. They’re made from sophisticated dental materials and meticulously sculpted to fit you, giving them both realism and stability.

Not only will this boost your confidence, it will also give you the ability to do things you might have not thought were possible since you lost your teeth. Eating, talking, and smiling will become much easier than they were before.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll schedule you for a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!